Cutting & Styling

Exceptional Service
We use only the highest quality products and our keen focus combined with our attention to customer service will leave you completely satisfied.

Full or partial foils. Foils will take around 2 hours to set. Prices begin at $100 and depend on whether you choose full or partial.

Smoothing Treatment

We use Keratin and Pravana smoothing treatment that will make your hair softer and healthier. Typically the process takes about 2 hours. These services start at $250 and up. 


For the best results we use Wella® and Matrix® brand colors. Now offering Matrix no ammonia colors. These are honey-based colors of very high quality to maintain the health of your hair. We offer permanent, semi-permanent, and deep conditioning color treatments. Most color will last about 6 weeks. 

Wedding  Up-Do’s

For your most cherished occasion we specialize in wedding up-dos. We will ensure the bride, groom, the wedding party, and guests will all look spectacular on the big day. 

Spa & Relaxing

Come relax with us
Superior Skin Care

Treat your skin to one of our facials. It will rejuvenate tired skin and clear up any acne or blemishes as well. We use Dermalogica® and Repechage® products.

Teenage Skin Care

We offer regular facials for adults and also provide facials geared toward teenage skin issues. If your teen is experiencing difficulties with acne, we will perform a special facial to get rid of excess oil and help heal the skin. These are typically done every 6 weeks.

Back Treatments

You may experience breakouts on your back from time to time. We will treat back areas on men and women to clear up that stubborn acne using Dermalogica® and CosMedix® brand products. 

Professional Wedding Makeup

Encompass that elegant, flawless look in all of your wedding photos. The memories will last a lifetime, so make sure you are looking polished and perfect in every one of them.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics®

Salon Divoe uses Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics® for all makeup work. This is a very natural makeup providing non-allergenic properties. We also sell all of our skincare and makeup products. We offer our skin care products and makeup in both travel size and regular size.

Cosmetic Injectables

Introducing Cosmetic Injectables at Salon Divoe! Botox and Dermal Fillers now being offered. Complimentary Consultations. Please call us to reserve your appointment with Stefanie Magnant R.N. today!

Nail Treatments

Premium Nail Care
Lie back and relax in our pedicure massager chair complete with whirlpool tub. You will be completely pampered while having your nails done. Our manicures and pedicures will last about a week. We also offer gel nails which last twice as long as a regular manicure or pedicure or vinyl polish.
Our salon has a wide selection of colors to choose from and we do special designs at your request, including acrylic nails, French tips, and vinyl polish.
Serani M Designs is quality handmade jewelry. One-of-a-kind pieces include natural stones, crystals and custom wire work. Bridal jewelry may be special ordered as well as Swarovski crystal hair combs to compete your bridal look. There’s always something new so stop in and see our collection.” 

Hand Held Spray Tanning

It's a spray tan
Airbrush tanning is the only safe way to receive a beautiful, golden brown tan in just one session. Unlike spray booths that can often leave you with a streaked, orange appearance, an airbrush tan is a custom tan applied by experienced professionals ensuring you get an even sun-kissed glow that is right for you. Some want a natural, radiant tone, others want to satisfy their deepest tanning desires.
At Salon Divoe we use time-tested proven solutions using all natural ingredients. Aibrushing helps blend unwanted tan lines, blemishes, cellulite, spider veins and it dermatologist recommended and FDA approved. Tan for your weekend out, a special occasion or just to maintain a healthy glow all year round.


Service   Cost
Full Body Airbrush Tanning Application $35.00 (Introductory Offer)
Half Body Airbrush Tanning Application $30.00
Legs Only Airbrush Tanning Application $30.00
Student Special: Full Body Airbrush Tanning Application $30.00 (Introductory Offer)
Full Body 2 Hour Express Tan $50.00
2 Hour Express Sunless Solution

Using the world’s first rapid sunless solution, you will receive a fully developed tan in just a couple of hours! Shower after 2 hours for a light tan, 3 hours for a medium to dark tan. Great for clients who have a same day event.

Tanning Hours

Wednesday 11am to 8pm

Thursday 11am to 8pm

Friday 11am to 8pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

Tanning Tips

1. Plan Ahead: Which day do you want to look most gorgeous? Book your spray tan for the day or two before this.

2. Timing: Remember, you cannot do anything that causes you to sweat or get wet for 8 to 10 hours after your tanning session

3. Exfoliate: If you haven’t exfoliated your body for a while, do it every couple of days in the lead up to your spray tan. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles.

4. Showering: Feel free to shave and shower the night before or the morning of, which ever suites your schedule.

5. Clothing: Even go sans bra if you can. Don’t wear anything you’d want to risk spray tan ending up on – nothing tight or white and preferably not shorts or a short dress. Remember to take flip flops — slipping strappy heels straight back on will only cause patchiness on your feet. If you are coming from work, most people bring a bag with something comfortable to change into after tanning. Men must wear some form of underwear.

6. Remove all Makeup: If you have makeup on when arriving, we do have makeup remover for you to use prior to your session.

7. Don’t be shy: Or spray tanners have seen it all. The less you wear, the better the results. If you feel more comfortable wearing your underwear or our spa panties go ahead.

8. Prepare for the elements: If it is raining, please make sure you have full coverage getting back to your car.

9. No showering for 8 to 10 hours: You can continue with normal activities, however, you are unable to play sports, gym, jogging etc. for 8 to 10 hours after your session. Sleeping will not disturb the tanning process. When you do shower, keep your water temperature at cool to warm and don’t scrub your skin. Instead, gently wash your body (without a loofah) and when drying, pat your skin rather than rub it.

10. Moisturize: You can’t stop the natural cycle of shedding skin cells, but you can keep your skin hydrated so that patchiness is reduced as your tan fades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I choose to go darker or lighter?

A. Yes. Everyone has a different idea of how dark they want to be. With airbrush tanning it is really up to you!

Q. How long will my tan last?

A. It lasts for about a week. Our solution works with your natural pigment to create a flawless tan on every skin tone. This is not a dye.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment? 

A. Yes. Unless you’re very lucky, there are no walk-ins.

Q. Manicures and Pedicures?

A. It is best to have pedicures done prior to tanning. Waxing must also be done prior to y our airbrushing session. The airbrush solution will not affect your nails, tips etc in any way.

Q. Will I see results right away?

A. You will be tanned when you leave, however, it takes 8 hours to fully develop so you will be unable to shower or perform excessive exercise for 8 hours following your tanning session.

Q. Can I use self-tanner or tan extender to prolong the life of my tan? 

A. Yes. We carry an all-natural sunless cream that will prolong the life of your tan! Some over the counter self-tanners often contain detergent and chemicals that cause an unpleasant odor on the skin. We offer one of the few 100% all natural self-tanners that contain the same ingredients used to create your airbrush tan. Results are guaranteed and will not disappoint.