Spa & Relaxing

Come relax with us
Superior Skin Care

Treat your skin to one of our facials. It will rejuvenate tired skin and clear up any acne or blemishes as well. We use Dermalogica® and Repechage® products.

Teenage Skin Care

We offer regular facials for adults and also provide facials geared toward teenage skin issues. If your teen is experiencing difficulties with acne, we will perform a special facial to get rid of excess oil and help heal the skin. These are typically done every 6 weeks.

Back Treatments

You may experience breakouts on your back from time to time. We will treat back areas on men and women to clear up that stubborn acne using Dermalogica® and CosMedix® brand products. 

Professional Wedding Makeup

Encompass that elegant, flawless look in all of your wedding photos. The memories will last a lifetime, so make sure you are looking polished and perfect in every one of them.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics®

Salon Divoe uses Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics® for all makeup work. This is a very natural makeup providing non-allergenic properties. We also sell all of our skincare and makeup products. We offer our skin care products and makeup in both travel size and regular size.

Cosmetic Injectables

Introducing Cosmetic Injectables at Salon Divoe! Botox and Dermal Fillers now being offered. Complimentary Consultations. Please call us to reserve your appointment with Stefanie Magnant R.N. today!